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Drum Lessons in Irvine

We offer in-home drum lessons in Irvine, CA for kids, teens, and adults.

Looking for drum lessons in University Hills, Irvine? UHills residents get $5 off each lesson! More info for UHills Residents

Mike is a fun and charismatic drum set teacher with nearly 20 years of experience working with people of all ages including toddlers, kids, teens, adults, seniors, and those with special needs. He knows how to meet every student at their level and show them the path to being a great drummer. Most importantly, he makes lessons FUN while sharing the joy of drumming and bringing people further into the world of music.

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Your first lesson is FREE! Get in touch to schedule your trial.

Beats With Mike performer in University Hills

Mike’s approach to teaching drums puts movement and sound first. We always focus on achieving comfort at the drum set and confidence with patterns and rhythms in a natural and relaxed way. If you're looking for a teacher who focuses on performance, sound, and movement in addition to reading sheet music, then Mike is the choice for you.

Mike’s drum lessons build a solid foundation for drummers by focusing on all important aspects of playing the drum set from mastering basic techniques all the way to finding freedom and expression on the instrument. Mike balances the following fundamentals:

-Basic stick grip and wrist technique
-Rudimental warm ups and strength building exercises
-Essential drum beats
-Musical styles including rock, pop, funk, R&B, jazz and more
-Playing along to your favorite songs
-Introducing you to great music guided by your own taste
-Reading sheet music
-Playing in a rock band or school band class

Beats With Mike performer in University Hills


30 minutes - $55
45 minutes - $70
60 minutes - $85

University Hills residents get a $5 discount

Take a look at our resources page to see some of Mike’s handouts and instructional materials. 

Almost all six-year-olds are ready for drum lessons, most five-year-olds are able to learn as well, some four-year-olds can get started on the basics, and there are a couple rare three-yearolds who are ready to start playing.

Portable kit, no equipment needed to start drum lessons in Irvine

Don’t have drums yet? NO PROBLEM!
Start out on our portable drum set, and see if it sticks before you invest in your own instrument. No equipment required to start.

UHills Community Band- take drum lessons and play with the band!
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Drum students often experience other benefits to their whole person:

-Increased intensity and duration of focus
-Improved listening skills
-Improved gross and fine motor control
-Improved coordination-Improved memory
-Finding a healthy outlet for emotions
-Increased confidence, self-expression, and creativity-Improved discipline, reliability, and independence
-Understanding that achievement takes time
-Feeling super cool

Your first lesson is FREE! Get in touch to schedule your trial.
Check out the UHills Residents page for more info on our program in UHills.
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