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Drum Set Resources

I have made a selection of my handouts available for download. These are free for anyone who wants to use them including students or instructors.

Hand Patterns 1

Get the hands moving with some basic hand pattern warm ups. These are perfect for practicing your grip and your wrist stroke. Try these on the practice pad, or on the drum set. Most importantly, use a metronome! 


 Don’t underestimate these simple exercises for building speed and strength!

Hand Patterns for drummers of all levels
Three drum beats

3 Drum Beats
with Drum Notation worksheet

Learn how drum notation works, spoiler alert: ITS EASY! Use drum notation to learn your first 3 grooves!

12 Basic Beats with Song Journal

Learn 12 beats that you’ll hear EVERYWHERE, and keep a journal of your favorite songs that use them.

12 basic beats
Bass drum challenges

Bass Drum Challenges

Develop basic bass drum independence and reading ability.

Syncopated Kicks and Ghost Notes

Start enhancing your basic drum beats by adding light snare hits and bass drum notes between your hi hats.

Syncopated kicks and ghost Notes

Coaching for Drum Instructors

Do you want to do you want to take your drum instruction to the next level or get a solid foundation as you begin your teaching career?

Mike can help you gain insight into the learning process and give practical suggestions on how to teach kids drum set, and what order to teach different concepts in. Do you want to teach drum set to kids as young as 3 years old? Mike has developed a set of tools and techniques that make this possible. These younger kids can learn to play beats and songs if we approach it correctly. Mike can help you develop this niche skill.


If you need help planning and creating lesson plans for drum ensembles or any other type of group drumming class, Mike is a great choice. He can suggest tons of activities and approaches customized for any drumming situation. He is especially attuned to the needs of Younger kids from 3 to 5 years old.

Mike Headshot Cowbell- Drum Lessons in Irvine
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